- Our Vision -

Our vision is to bring a technological revolution in the Indian Health care industry. We intend to achieve the same by empowering the entire medical fraternity with low-cost, seamlessly accurate medical devices that will change the face of the industry.

The Inception

Young researchers at IIT-B launched Ayu Devices, a startup based out-of-the commercial capital of the country Mumbai. The objective of the startup is to mark a remarkable presence in the Indian Healthcare Industry with our devices. It was incubated in the year 2017 and is operating out of IIT-B's technology business incubator, Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE).

The Product

The unique selling proposition of our product, AyuLynk is that all other digital stethoscopes come with microphones and with a wholly altered look, but AyuLynk has maintained the look and feel of a traditional stethoscope whilst providing advanced audio filtering and data analysis.

Ayu Devices is serving both B2B customers such as telemedicine centers and B2C clients such as medical students, physicians, and cardiac surgeons. The startup is focusing on both rural healthcare centers and urban hospitals. We believe that there is a massive potential for digital medical devices in India. Ayu Devices is in talks with telemedicine centers which operate in remote areas such as Chhattisgarh's Sukma & Dantewada districts and Karnataka's Kolar district.

Ayu Devices, which initially received a Biotechnology Ignition Grant of 5 million, is also eyeing private investors to raise fresh funds for expansion. SINE has invested 500,000 and has offered to spend a further 3 million for a more significant stake in the company. The startup is also working on a 'smarter' device that will use Artificial Intelligence to read patient data and collate necessary information for better diagnosis.


The stethoscope is one such device which is a commonly used medical device in the healthcare industry. Adorned in the neck, it is the first recognition of a person as a doctor. Although it is a simple device, its efficiency and accuracy of diagnosis are determined by the person who uses it. The traditional stethoscope can only pick up clear sounds of the heart and lungs, making diagnosis quite difficult. Even the doctors find it tricky to spot an abnormality in the heart or the lungs using a conventional stethoscope. Also, it requires considerable training and concentration to identify the relevant sound patterns, especially in a noisy environment.

The need of the hour was to invent a digital or electronic stethoscope to overcome the limitations of the traditional stethoscope and empower the medical community with a portable device and detect heart and lung sounds with accuracy. AyuLynk, phenomenal equipment by Ayu Devices is one such medical device which comes as an attachment to an existing stethoscope to make it digital and smart.