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AyuSynk Digital

21st Century's Advanced Stethoscope
Product usecase
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A new way of listening for Cardiology and Pulmonology.

AyuSynk is made to amplify auscultation sounds. Once connected with our AyuShare app it lets you record, amplify, share and see the visual splits
of S1, S2, Systole and Diastole of these sounds for better diagnosis.

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Listen louder upto
16X higher

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Record and
Share anytime

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Connect via

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Listen to Sounds and
Record in Real time

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Dedicated filters for
Heart & Lungs

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Generate S1, S2
Systole & Diastole

Get Visual aid to detect
Cardiac Abnormality using AI

AyuSynk after pairing with a smartphone becomes capable of
detecting abnormalities in the Cardiac Sounds of Patients

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● Record and Share
● Upto 40x audio enhancement
● Playback speed upto 0.5
● In App noise cancellation
● In App heart and lung filter
● Visualization of sound
● Report Generation

Wired digital stethoscope - Cost effective stethoscope for Telemedicine



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AyuSynk 2+

Wireless Bluetooth enabled digital stethoscope

● All features of AyuLynk
● In Device Noise cancellation
● In Device Heart and Lung Filter



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AyuSynk 2Pro

Wireless Bluetooth enabled digital stethoscope for Telemedicine application

● All features of AyuSynk 2+
● Realtime Transmission of sound
● SDK support
● 1 year Ayu-RealTime software access



You can trust

AyuSynk is powered by our most advanced A21 Chipset which pushes the limit of what a stethoscope can do

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Improve your Auscultation and Learn on the go

Connect AyuSynk to your mobile device, start auscultating today, and enhance your skills improved listening via dedicated Heart and Lung Filters


Clear Sounds and
Visual Reports

AyuSynk is powered with Advance Analytical Algorithms to clear Auscultation sounds and generate visual reports quickly
for S1, S2, Systole and Diastole split

How it works?
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Group 310.png

Step 1

Connect AyuSunk

to your smartphone via

the AyuShare mobile App

Step 2

Connect your Smartphone to

wired earphones or wireless

Bluetooth headsets


Step 3

Auscultate and Listen

to heart/ lung sounds

via the earphones /headsets

For Doctors, Residents,
Students, Nurses &
Telemedicine Personnels

Live Phonocardiogram
analysing various components 

of the Cardiac Sound


AyuDashboard Eco System
Unified sharing
and sound recordings

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Dedicated filters of
Heart for Cardiology Assessment
and Pulmonology Assessment


image 49.jpg

Web Streaming for
Telemedicine Consultations
from Anywhere

image 50.jpg

Guided Recording for recording cardiac sounds from 4 locations and lung sounds from 16 locations

image 51.jpg

One Tap Connectivity
fro AyuSynk with your Smartphone using Bluetooth Technology

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Tried and Tested in Indian Healthcare System

AyuSynk solutions seamlessly became a part of Professionals at various levels of the Indian Healthcare System and even in the most resource constraint environment


We are trusted by doctors of 

3000 +
Devices sold

10000 +
Patients Screened

AyuSynk at the Front Line

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“I have been using this instrument for the last two months, now as in Covid, it’s a need of a physician. For auscultation and hearing the heart and lungs sound. I like it so much. No words to explain, I appreciate the team of AyuDevices for an excellent, useful, easy to operate and informative device.
Thank you”

__ Dr. Sudeep Pandit

AyuSynk’s Telemedicine Clientele so far

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