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Three IIT-B start-ups build smart healthcare products

With healthcare being the fastest growing industry in India’s start-up eco-system, a host of medical technology start-ups have mushroomed within the campus of the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IIT-B). […]

11 FEBRUARY 2019

Ayu Devices News Article

Winners at the Maharashtra Startup Week

The Maharashtra State Innovation Society (MSInS) organises the Maharashtra Startup Week to support the startup ecosystem in the state and gives a platform for budding entrepreneurs to grow by showcasing their innovative solutions […]


Ayu Devices News Article

Artificial Intelligence Innovation Challenge

Ayu Devices was declared winner of the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Challenge 2019 for 'Outstanding Innovation in Healthcare'.

30 APRIL 2018

The frugal innovators at IIT-Bombay

At MEDIC 2015, a five-day hackathon held at IIT-Bombay, two friends, both engineers, decided to find a solution for the 2.8 million people who die of heart or lung diseases in India every year […]

29 MAY 2018

Ayu Devices News Article

Exclusive Interview with Mr. Adarsha K, CEO, Ayu Devices Pvt. Ltd.

Ayu Devices is a technology based healthcare company spun out of BETiC, IIT Bombay. Their innovative medical devices and services enable early screening of heart and lung diseases – the top two killers worldwide […]

15 MAY 2018

Ayu Devices News Article

Engineers Invent Low-Cost Digital Stethoscope For Better Village Healthcare

Adarsha K and Tapas Pandey teamed up with Dr Nambiraj Konar to develop a digital stethoscope for the MEDIC showcase in 2015. Their prototype could amplify heartbeats and lung sounds, record the audio […]

3 MAY 2018

Ayu Devices News Article

Mumbai: IIT-B researchers develop steth that can filter noises

The two researchers, Adarsha K and Tapas Pandey, and one Senior Executive Officer (SEO) of Biomedical Engineering and Technology incubation Centre (BETiC) at IIT Bombay Dr Rupesh Ghyar have developed a device which can be attached […]