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AyuSynk 2+


● Record and Share
● Upto 40x audio enhancement
● Playback speed upto 0.5
● In App noise cancellation
● In App heart and lung filter.
● Visualization of sound
● Report Generation
● In Device Noise cancellation
● In Device Heart and Lung Filter

AyuSynk 2+ is a digital stethoscope, that can amplify the heart and lung sounds also, it can be connected to mobile with bluetooth. The sound can be recorded, shared, analysed with companion app ayushare
What's inside the box
    • 1 AyuSynk 2+ device with chest-piece
    • 1 binaural
    • 2 Connectors
    • 1 Charger
    • 1 USB - Type B micro USB
    • 1 Wired earphones.
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AyuSnyk thrives in Resource Constraint Environment
Our digital stethoscope AyuSynk has been deployed in various remote locations through many telemedicine and tele consultancy firms. AyuSynk stethoscope is a very integral part of any telemedicine, be it private or govt.
Driving Impact
in the most Remote Places
Through the telemedicine society of India our stethoscope goes to distant remote locations for health screening of people.

Also many stethoscopes have been deployed in remote areas in Rajasthan through a project from Wish Foundation.
Around 20 stethoscopes have been deployed in Bhavnagar, Gujarat for health screening purposes.

Many have been deployed in small districts within Maharashtra where mainstream doctors from the capital Mumbai cannot go.

image 63.png
AyuDevices team at
Riccha, Rajashtan
An ANM enabled with AyuSynk Digital Stethoscope monitors a Child in Bhavnagar
image 68.png
image 62.png
An ANM enabled with AyuSynk Digital Stethoscope monitors a Child in Bhavnagar
to extend reach
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India’s first health ATM from Yolo Health has been deployed in various railway stations in India including Bareilly in UP; Dehradun the capital of Uttarakhand. These health ATMs are powered by the digital stethoscopes from Ayu Devices.
A company named Jiyyo Health works for video consultancy in rural areas. All their clinics are powered by AyuSynk stethoscopes.
On the Front line
throughout the Pandemic
image 70.png
Ayu Devices has been working nonstop since its inception be it the COVID 19 period or even before that. Since the arrival of the deadly virus, Ayu Devices has worked even harder to provide cutting edge technology at minimum price for the sake of our medical fraternity.

When COVID peaked up, the need for more inclination towards Lungs sound arose and Ayu Devices never stepped back from it.

The team of one of the brightest minds in the country worked over it and managed to come up with lung sound filters, denoise algorithms which are giving very clear lung auscultation and proved to be very helpful to the doctors during the COVID peak time.
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